We are two professional photographers who run a small, specialist photo library to market our images. Our work concentrates on Britain but we have some photographs from abroad, most notably Anasazi and other Native American sites in the Southwest of the USA. We have links with other specialist collections and may be able to point you in the direction of a suitable source if we do not have what you require.

We hope that the photographs in our Galleries give a good indication of the range of subjects we hold. Otherwise a run through our News and Publications section is a good introduction.

We sold our darkroom and film camera equipment and went pixels with a professional quality digital camera. Our library photographs include digital images, 6x4.5cm original colour film (Fuji Velvia 50) transparencies with some 35mm on Kodachrome etc. We also have 10"x8" black & white prints from 5"x4" and medium-format film negatives.

For high quality work we are still prepared to loan out these original B&W prints and colour transparencies (subject to the customer accepting responsibility for loss or damage) or we can supply digitally mastered files on CD/DVD of publication quality scans up to 300 dpi from our Flextight scanner. We also supply low resolution .jpgs by e-mail/CD for reference purposes, or can create a unique client gallery on this website. 

Most busy picture researchers do not have time for the above, although contacting specialists for an edited selection can be more enjoyable and efficient than looking at 1000s of pix. For those who need to be able to search, download and buy images online we have put some of our more ‘commercial’ pictures onto the Alamy and Loop Images online photo libraries. We have nearly 3,000 photos on Alamy: use the links below to go directly to our new personal portfolio pages. Scroll through to view all of our photos on Alamy, or type a place/site name, category or theme etc into the search box. On Loop, type our names into the search box.

We supply work for a wide variety of uses and try to scale our copyright reproduction fees appropriately to each project. Usually, if photographs are requested and at least one used, we will not make additional picture research, scanning or postage charges, but if we are involved in more than half a day’s work and none of our photographs are used we will make a service charge to cover our time and expenses.

We are skilled at picture research but it is only part of our working life and we are not able to be in the office every day, or to have anyone here to respond to picture requests while we are away. We can act quickly when we are here, but if you are in a desperate hurry we should probably not be your first port of call.

Occasionally we have produced hand printed archival quality prints on request for display and exhibition, but we have turned our Darkroom into a Lightroom and can produce Giclée prints on request. The last few remaining genuine photographic B&W prints can be seen in our Earth Stone Sky gallery and are for sale through the website prints & cards page.

Unless stated otherwise the photographs and text are the Copyright of Mick Sharp or Jean Williamson and must not be reproduced in traditional or electronic/digital media without the permission of the copyright holders who usually charge a copyright reproduction fee. The authors assert and give notice of their moral rights under s.77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the authors/photographers of this work. Page and cover designs featuring our photographs are the copyright of the publisher.


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