Welcome to our Window on Lost Time. Mick Sharp and Jean Williamson work individually and together to take photographs which range from those about  location and period - archaeology, ancient, historic and religious monuments, landscapes and environments - to more abstract and inspirational images concerned with ideas of Time, Equivalence and the Sacred. Our photographs are very much of time and place, but the ones we like best are timeless and otherworldly.

We are professional photographers and our photographs are available for publication and other uses on payment of a copyright reproduction fee (see: Contact).  Some of our photographs are also available from the Loop Images and Alamy online photo libraries. 


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We produce deceptively straightforward pictures which show things 'as they are', making them useful to those knowledgeable in specialist fields, but which also capture the power, mystery and special atmosphere of many ancient sites and natural places.

Our Gallery section gives a flavour of the main subjects held in our Photo Library (Mick Sharp Photography) from British prehistory and history through to ‘Abstracts and Equivalents’. A new addition is Mick's Earth Stone Sky exhibition of B&W photographs, archivally hand-printed in the darkroom on Agfa Record-Rapid chloro-bromide paper.

The prints & cards section contains some of Mick's cards and genuine photographic B&W prints. Jean's beautiful, high quality fine art greetings cards are now available on Etsy.  www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JeanWilliamsonCards

Much like photography a window puts a frame around our vision allowing transparency, and the light to strike, while reflecting something of the viewer. Glass is a magic plane where bits of real life meet to create scenes of a different reality.

We hope you will enjoy our fragments of lost time, catching glimpses of the remarkable in the mundane and following the ebb and flow of human fashions, ideas and aspirations drawn from, and imposed upon, our world.

Text © Mick Sharp 2014, photo: Stones of Stenness stone circle & henge, Orkney © Jean Williamson. 

Unless stated otherwise the photographs and text are the Copyright of Mick Sharp or Jean Williamson and must not be reproduced in traditional or electronic/digital media without the permission of the copyright holders who usually charge a copyright reproduction fee. The authors assert and give notice of their moral rights under s.77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the authors/photographers of this work. Page and cover designs featuring our photographs are the copyright of the publisher.

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