Marking the Months

Seasons from our garden - a dozen of Jean's photo cards on sale through her shop.

Click to a larger version of Autumn Face © Jean Williamson

Autumn Face © Jean Williamson

Inspired by the classic symbol of the Green Man that decorates many churches and secular buildings. It symbolises the seasonal and regenerative forces of nature. I used leaves, flowers, fruit, feathers and snail shells all collected from our garden to create this autumnal variant.  ...  p_home_active_4

Click to a larger version of Lavender Star. © Jean Williamson

Lavender Star. © Jean Williamson

A simple pentagram of lavender twigs and dried leek flower stems with a diverse mix of crushed glass, dried leek flowers, and Cirsium down, with a little lavender blossom sprinkled over the top, all resting on a mossy chair seat.  ...  p_home_active_9

Click to a larger version of Winter. © Jean Williamson

Winter. © Jean Williamson

Faced with an unseasonably warm winter I tried to create the essence of a cold winter night. I look forward to frost and snow at Easter!  ...  hop_home_feat_4

Click to a larger version of Snowdrop Scene. © Jean Williamson

Snowdrop Scene. © Jean Williamson

When only the first few signs are showing, how do you distill the essence of spring into a small square card? Snowdrops always seem to bring hope  ...  p_home_active_5

Click to a larger version of Blue Egg Heart  © Jean Williamson

Blue Egg Heart © Jean Williamson

A little polymer heart, coloured to resemble a bird egg, and laid in a nest of dried leek flowers. In March I wake to the sound of the Dawn Chorus; the birds are up before me, singing their hearts out, and getting ready to start nest building.  ...  _home_active_19

Click to a larger version of Tulips. © Jean Williamson

Tulips. © Jean Williamson

The year is rapidly greening and every day I find new blossom in corners once bare. As we come up to Easter the 1st of our Tulips have opened their petals to the brief spells of sunshine. As ever, to avoid the Welsh wind, I had to take this selection to the relative calm of the greenhouse to photo them at rest.  ...  hop_home_feat_1

Click to a larger version of Peony Sarah Bernhardt. © Jean Williamson

Peony Sarah Bernhardt. © Jean Williamson

Perhaps because of the cold northerly wind we are getting dry, clear sunny days for a change. The severe frosts that have affected areas further south have not touched us. The swallows are back, our potatoes are planted, and the peony buds are swelling by the day. One of the first heralds of our summer; first comes the early double red, then the scented pink beauty of Sarah Bernhardt.  ...  p_home_active_8

Click to a larger version of Purple Meadow @ Jean Williamson

Purple Meadow @ Jean Williamson

I find that creating still life tableau can sometimes express emotions I can never capture in the wild.  ...  p_home_active_8

Click to a larger version of Raindrops on Lily Pads © Jean Williamson

Raindrops on Lily Pads © Jean Williamson

Where would our British summer be without the rain? Taken on a soft misty morning in July, and, yes, the colours are just as they were.  ...  _home_active_19

Click to a larger version of Marigold © Jean Williamson

Marigold © Jean Williamson

I got fed up with the constant rain, retired to greenhouse, and filled my eyes and head with colour. This is how bright I'd like August to be.  ...  p_home_active_4

Click to a larger version of Sun and Stars © Jean Williamson

Sun and Stars © Jean Williamson

With September comes the autumn equinox. While I’m still clinging to the illusion that it is still summer, the plants are reacting to the shorter days by turning into their autumn colour. Already there are a tints of red and yellow in the leaves. The darker evenings mean I notice the night sky more. To celebrate the turning point, or maybe morn the passing from summer to winter, I placed my sunflower in a night sky amongst constellations of flowers.  ...  p_home_active_3

Click to a larger version of Fun Faces © Jean Williamson

Fun Faces © Jean Williamson

The nights are drawing in. Time to ward off the start of winter with candles, pumpkins, falling leaves, and a little fun. I cut these faces from my own harvest - grown from seed saved from a squash that had cross pollinated with the courgettes! As any serious seed saver knows, don’t grow them in the same bed unless you want unexpected results.  ...  hop_home_feat_3

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